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Dhesi Meat Shop is the #1 meat shop in Surrey. Our main aim is to provide top-quality meat products. We are dedicated to attaining 100% client satisfaction by providing cleanliness, quality, value, and service for every dollar spent. This is the reason that our clients are highly satisfied with us.
At Dhesi Meat Shop, hygiene and cleanliness are our top priority every time. We have many years of experience in this field and that is why we prepare all our products with exceptional recipes from exotic spices of India. We always strive to deliver very delicious and new recipes. Moreover, we guarantee that all our meat products are freshly made and have the best quality. We promise you would never get disappointed in dealing with us. We pride in ourselves that we have developed an incomparable ad incredible reputation. If you are looking for quality and reliable meat, we have the credentials and resources to meet your needs. So, visit Dhesi Meat Shop in Surrey for getting freshest and scrumptious
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chicken wings surrey

Marinated Wings

Tandoori Breast Marinade canada

Marinated Breast


Non Marinated

our customers are very satisfied with us.

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Special Menu


Tandoori Wings

We mainly focus to bring the mouth-watering and authentic tastes of Punjab’s renowned Tandoor huts to your home.

peri-wings dish

Peri - Peri Wings

Our authentic Peri-Peri chicken wings are fabulous and super flavorful as the garlic, lemon, and spices, all come together for creating a perfect flavor.


Tandoori Breast

For the Tandoori chicken lovers, we have baked, crispy, delicious Tandoori chicken breast with tasty spice juicy flavor in every bite.

lemon-breast - dhesi meat

Lemon Breast

Our Lemon Breast is a must-try recipe. The lemon breast by Dhesi shop consists of outstanding flavors and amazing results.

Goat meat surrey

Goat Meat

We deliver the best quality goat meat by cleaning thoroughly and cutting them into pieces as well. You can freeze or refrigerate immediately.

whole-chicken surrey

Whole Chicken

Our luscious whole chicken is best for feeding the entire family. It is juicy as well as rich. Try this and you will be surely satisfied.

Veggie Special Menu

Paneer tikka

Paneer Tikka

The Paneer Tikka cubes are marinated with ginger, garlic, yogurt, and Tandoori spices. Get the most excellent Paneer Tikka in the town from us.

soya-chaap-dhesi meat

Soya Chaap

We are renowned for providing different Chaap varieties. At Dhesi Meat shop, we offer the best quality Soya Chaap with fresh ingredients that are full of flavors.

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